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Save the Date: Our First Public Reading

On Friday, October 5th, a number of Driftwords authors will be featured in a public reading at The River’s End Bookstore in Oswego, N.Y. This will be the first public reading and will provide the public an opportunity to hear excerpts from a variety of contributors and meet the authors in person. Copies of Driftwords will be available for sale at The River’s End.

Here are the important details:

Where: The River’s End Bookstore, 19 West Bridge Street, Oswego, N.Y.

When: Friday, October 5th, 2012.  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Who: A collection of Driftwords authors who are eager to share their words, meet the public, and perhaps even autograph your newly-purchased copy of the book.

Why: Because it is going to be awesome!

More information will be available as the event draws closer, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out The River’s End prior to the signing. Driftwords could not have happened without the outstanding support we received from the store. Much of what appears in the anthology was presented, critiqued, and mulled over at the meetings we had there throughout the summer. And beyond that, it’s just a great place to shop for books.


Driftwords Preview: Kelly Hennigan

Kelly Hennigan’s efforts to stop bullying in schools not only inspired her to start a support group for families dealing with that issue, they also inspired her to write her contribution to the Driftwords anthology.

In Kelly’s chilling science fiction story, “Human Rage Virus”, a virus that causes violent and aggressive behavior has been rapidly infecting adults, teens and, alarmingly, younger children. A mother tries to educate others on the virus, while coping with her own child’s possible infection. She shares her son’s victimization and the exclusive knowledge farmers possess about HRV.

“‘Human Rage Virus’ was inspired by every child who has been picked on,” Kelly says of her story.  “I dedicate the story to those children who have died as a result of being bullied and to those surviving. I hope to raise awareness on the topic of bullying. I beg the audience to stop asking why a child is targeted. There is never an acceptable reason. Instead ask how you can help protect a bullied child.”

Kelly’s support group is for parents who have a child that is being bullied.  If your child is a victim of bullying, Kelly wants you to know that your child and family are not alone and urges you to call 315-387-2164 for more information about the Stop Bullying Support Group.

Driftwords Preview: Debbie Hough

The Driftwords anthology will feature fiction, poetry and essays from 25 different authors. Most of them have contributed multiple pieces. In the coming weeks, we will be providing a sneak preview of the content from each author. Today the focus is on author Debbie Hough, who has these five pieces in the collection:

Level With Me:  short humor bit

A woman meets a man in a diner and wishes he would level with her instead of telling her things she doesn’t want to hear, in particular, his beliefs in various levels of heaven.

The Treasure Box:  short story

A young girl helps her grandmother finally find a 50 year-old hidden birthday present, with ‘happy’ results.

From The Rooftop: short short

A woman ignores her dire horoscope and relishes in her good luck as the day progresses.

Disconnection:  short short (drama-ish)

A wife stands on the thin edge of life, needing to make a decision.

The First Time:  short short

A young man on the beach tries to convince his friend to do something she doesn’t think she’s ready for.

It’s Time…

The following post was written by Debbie Hough, co-leader of the Driftwords Book Orders and Distribution team.

It’s finally happening…we are just about to go to print. So if you need to order a copy of Driftwords, now is a good time to do it.

Several people have asked me what an anthology is, so there is a chance a few of you are wondering the same thing. It is a collection of poems, stories, and excerpts written by a group of writers. There are 25 of us, all students of Bob Comenole, from Skaneateles, NY.

Since we took turns critiquing each other’s work I have had the opportunity to read about half of what will appear in the book. There are memoirs that stretch from one woman’s frustratingly funny plane ride, to another woman’s frightening escape from a fire; and a man’s experience in war. I even found a no pulled punches exposé on bullying. There is a host of other memoirs in the book, as well as some really great short stories. One writer invites you on a luxurious midnight walk through her garden, while another explains why he loves his wife. Yet another speaks of losing her mother, which evoked all kinds of feelings in me, having recently lost my own mother.

There are children’s stories in there, and a slew of poetry that will either warm your heart or twist your mind into odd shapes as you try to decipher their meanings. At least that’s what it did to me.

One father writes of his attempts to solve his son’s death, with hopes that someone reading this will know something and come forward. I pray he finds closure.

There will be some for sale at various book signings and readings, but I don’t know how many at this point, so place your order now and Drift along on our Words.

Meet Bonnie Perfetti, a.k.a. “The Moonlight Gardener”

Bonnie Perfetti loves gardening. This is very evident in one of her contributions to Driftwords, an essay titled  “The Moonlight Garden.” Written for children and their parents, “The Moonlight Garden” is a guided tour of all the various plants and creatures found in a nocturnally-themed garden.

Bonnie has been writing  about gardening for some time. Her blog, The Moonlight Gardener is loaded with colorful photos of her flowers, insights on growing them and musings on some of her non-gardening interests as well.

Be sure to check out Bonnie Perfetti’s work in Driftwords, available in September 2012. Until then, follow her at her blog:

Welcome to the Driftwords Anthology blog!

Driftwords is an anthology of poetry, fiction and essays featuring 25 authors from in and around Oswego County, New York. It will be available in September 2012.

Stay tuned for future news and updates about our anthology’s content and availability.